Iā€™m a devotee of Love in all her manifestations. She manifests in me as a husband, father, musician, writer, entrepreneur, psychologist, retreat leader, activist, & mystic.

I founded The Integral Company in 2002 to serve as a vehicle to promote the conscious participation in the evolution of Love. The offerings that you'll find here include conversations (person-to-person and recorded), retreats, and links to resources (written, audio, and video), all of which are in the service of Love.

This is not a site designed to generate income. I have a healthcare consulting firm that addresses that need (Integral Healthcare Solutions). 

It's not a site devoted to touting my expertise in anything. If you're interested in my professional education and experience, you can check it out on my consulting firm's "about" page.

It's simply about advancing our species' capacity to love. I hope you find what I offer here of service to your own journey to Love.

Tom Goddard