Blogging About Practice: Comprehensive, Integral, Experimental, Evolutionary, and Conscious

This post is both a new thing and a resumption of an old thing: writing about practice.

What do I mean by "practice"? Spiritual? Musical? Physical?

All of the above, and more. As I have written elsewhere, I consider everything a human does, particularly everything a human does regularly, to be practice. A life really is all one process, not a cluster of isolated domains and activities. Everything is connected to everything else: my sleep is connected with my health which is connected with my work which is connected with my ethics, and so on. 

So, my approach to practice is comprehensive. One might even say that it is integral.

It is also experimental. My practice today, I assure you, will not be identical even to yesterday's practice, much less last year's. This is not because I'm flighty, but because I am new every day. The life practices that served me last week may not serve me this morning. In this way, then, my approach to practice is evolutionary.

This does not mean that my approach is chaotic. On the contrary, I spend some portion of each morning planning my practice for that day. It is my way of bringing conscious awareness to my practice, and therefore to my whole life.

So, this blog is about my practice. More specifically, it is about my comprehensive, integral, experimental, evolutionary, and conscious practice. I hope you enjoy it.