Schubert Symphony No.9 Sawallisch/Wiener Philharmoniker

Click hear to watch and listen.

Schubert, who died at age 31 in 1828, wasn't a big part of my childhood, at least that's how I remember it. That's surprising, given that he is on many critics' lists of top classical composers of all time. This either is a reflection of my poor memory or my father's preference for other composers. I only recently started making my way into his catalogue, and am, piece by piece, beginning to understand the reverence he is afforded. 

This symphony is often thought of as his best, so I'm giving it a go this Sunday morning. Just to put it historical context, he came out with it only about a couple of years after Beethoven unveiled his 9th. 

If you like classical music, I'm guessing you'll love this.