Bach Suite for Cello No 1, J G Queyras

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There certainly no more iconic classical music than the cello suites composed by Johann Sebastian Bach between 1717 and 1723. If I were playing the harshest possible desert island disk game, in which I'm allowed only one album, this would be it. Wilfrid Mellers described the suites as "monophonic music wherein a man has created a dance of God."

Now, the question of which of the many versions of the suites is a delightful one to explore. For years I simply had both Yo-Yo Ma versions, Casals, and Rostopovich. Not a bad start, but certainly not comprehensive. My father had the Fournier version on his short list. Today I'm experimenting with Queyras, a cellist I've only just discovered.

No music sweeter, in my book.