I'm a musician. 

You may think this a bold statement for someone who doesn't play professionally, and who seldom plays in public. But it's true. I've been a musician my whole life. My parents met in music school at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and I've been playing a variety of instruments and singing since my early childhood. 

More than that, though, I love music. It has provided the soundtrack of my life, and as such, has provided much of the rich colors in my life tapestry. 

I'm with David Crosby: Music is Love


Tom Goddard's Music

Behind this link is a collection of in which I have participated in the creation as either writer, singer, instrumentalist, or some combination thereof. Some are solo, and some are collaborations with my sons and/or friends.

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I am a shameless promoter of the music of my sons, Julian Goddard and Dustin Goddard. With Phill Gayle, they form the funk-jam group known as Sono, based in Athens, Georgia. This part of the site is carved out for them. Because love.

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Everybody else, from Clapton to Coltrane to Beethoven to Snarky Puppy

This part of the web site is simply dedicated to the music that I love that seems to fit in this context of a web site devoted to Love.