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Introduction to Marc Gafni

I first met Marc in the Integral community the two of us have been bouncing around in for a couple of decades. I have a sneaking suspicion that we met through Ken Wilber, but the origin story of our friendship is a bit fuzzy in both our minds. That relationship changed dramatically when Marc began to teach at Shalom Mountain in a series of retreats called Wisdom School. I missed the first couple, but attended the first he held after I moved across the retreat center in 2010. I was so blown away by that retreat that I have studied with Marc ever since. He also presided over my marriage to Adael Bullock in 2012.

Marc, who was born in 1960, is both a scholar and a mystic. A former modern Orthodox rabbi, he now leads the Center for Integral Wisdom, an activist think tank with which I am associated as a member of the Board of Directors.

He has authored a number of remarkable books, which I'll discuss in greater detail, below. I'll also be posting some 


A Return to Eros.png

A Return to Eros: The Radical Experience of Being Fully Alive

by Marc Gafni  and Kristina Kincaid, with forwards by  Barbara Marx Hubbard and Warren Farrell (2017). 

This is a remarkable book that both reshapes our notion of what eros even is, and invites us into a fully erotic relationship with all of Reality. Marc and Kristina help us escape the too-narrow notion of eros as being all about sex, so that we can choose into an intimate relationship with all of Creation. Click here to order this book at Amazon.

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Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment

by Marc Gafni (2012).

This book, which won the 2012 USA Book News Best Book of the Year award in the Spirituality: General category, outlines a vision of what lies beyond mere awakening out of the delusion of separation, one that is both empowering and challenging. This book has profound implications for what each of us is here to accomplish in our short lives, and how our unique obligation is rooted in our intimate relationship with Reality.