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Introduction to Jerry Jud

Jerry Jud, 1919-2019, was a former minister who, more than four decades ago, founded Shalom Mountain, a retreat center in the western Catskill Mountains of New York that has been, for over 20 years, my spiritual home.
Jerry authored a number of books, most notably Training in the art of loving: The church and the human potential movement. His founding of Shalom Mountain and creation of the transformational processes that are used to this day in Shalom Retreats have impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people.
For me, though, there’s nothing like what it was to know this wonderful mystic. Sitting in the living room of the house he shared with his wife GeorgeAnn in northeast Pennsylvania and talking about God, Love, and mysticism was about as it gets, at least for me.
On this page I’ll share some glimpses into his life and perspective, primarily from a series of interviews that my friend Roger Telschow recorded with Jerry back between 2004 and 2006. There as fresh today as they were when they were recorded, when Jerry was but a youngster in his late 80s.

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The Journey to God, 9/24/2004

This is the first in this series of Roger's interviews with Jerry, It begins with an introduction by the then-owners of Shalom Mountain, Joy Davey and Lawrence Stibbards, and then goes into Jerry's take on our journey to God. 

You'll have to turn up the volume a bit to hear this one. The others don't suffer from this audio issue, so bear with us just for this one episode.

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The Origins of the Shalom Process, 6/16/2005

In this interview, Jerry traces the history of his development of the underlying processes of a Shalom Retreat. It is not only a fascinating view into the history of the process, it is a deep dive into the psychological, theological, spiritual, and cultural underpinnings of that process.


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